WDC20 Agenda


Reception Opens / Morning Coffee


Welcome and Introduction to Day

Boštjan Eržen


The Wellbeing Benchmark: How Your Workplace Supports Your Employees

Kyle de Bruin (video call)

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In 2019, Leesman teamed up with Delos (founders of the WELL Building Institute) to create a specific set of questions to better understand how the workplace supports wellbeing and productivity of people working there. Having now collected over 100,000 responses on the topic, Leesman are in a unique position to interprete the findings. Kyle will show you how your workspaces support your employees and what you can do to improve this.



Workplace Case Studies 2020

Alenka Kragelj Eržen

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Best practice case studies of 2020 by Kragelj. Alenka will present strategies, execution, results and lessons learned for selected workplace projects; young, progresive companies such as Geneplanet, Adrial and Nexter and established corporations such as Zavarovalnica Triglav, A1 and BSH.



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Slovenia Workplace Survey 2020

Nigel Oseland & Alja Ceglar

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Dr. Oseland, with the help of Alja Ceglar, will present the results of a national survey on the efficiency of workspaces and the impact of Covid measures on employee satisfaction, productivity and business performance on a sample of a few hundred Slovenian companies.  The survey is open until September 16, 2020, you’re invited to complete the (English) questionnaire.  Here is the Slovenian questionnaire.  More details are at Kragelj.com/survey.



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The Genesis of Merck Innovation Center

Thomas Fundneider

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Already a highly innovative business and one of the leading technology companies in the world, Merck has gone one step further and built an innovation center that boasts landmark architecture and a completely new operating system. Thomas Fundnaider, a CEO of the company that was responsible for the project, will tell the WDC audience how it all started, what were the goals, the challenges and creative solutions, and how the new building supports Merck, their employees and its business vision.



The Future of Leadership

Randy Gage (video call)

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We are currently in the most cataclysmic and disruptive decade in human history. And the speed of change is increasing. Workplaces will need to change, organizational culture will need to change, and most importantly, leaders will need to change. The solutions to many of the challenges you’ll be facing haven’t even been developed yet.

Join thought leader Randy Gage for a provocative and candid exploration on the challenges you will face ahead as you lead your teams and your organization. You will discover what the future of leadership is going to look like, how to best “see around the corner” to anticipate it, and how to prepare yourself to lead in this new reality. Pre-conference read: Bostjan Erzen interviews Randy Gage for Slovenia Times.



Closing remarks