We don’t believe one should ever sacrifice comfort in the name of style or exceptional design in the name of functionality. But we do believe in simplicity being the epitome of luxury and that the right piece will always find a way to create your dream interior.

We were born out of love between 30 years of our family’s tradition of making upholstered furniture and our passion for timeless design. We took our first steps with simple pieces of furniture and then we entered the phase, where we experimented with different designs and many designers. Now, we are grown. We found our vision, un-blurred the lines, and learned how to capture the story of our customers in the softness of fabric. Our goal is comfort. Comfort of aesthetics and touch. With a touch of charm. Remarkable details and perfect stitching are our signature.

Our fabrics are our canvas and we approach every new sketch with boundless curiosity. Countless possibilities are changing shapes and colours in our imagination until the best one is born in our manufacture. It is the thrill of finding new ways in which we can create a masterpiece that inspires us day after day.

Respect is woven into our company with every thread. Respecting tradition, nature, our craft, ourselves, and our customers is at the heart of KAUCH. We create with quality in mind, our designs made to remain timeless, and our materials set to sustain through thick and thin.

We believe in teamwork. Passionately creating with an amazing group of designers is a horizon of endless possibilities. It is our shared passion of discovering new approaches in manufacturing, design and functionality and finding each product’s unique story, that brings us as much joy, bliss and success.

We create timelessly. When you take care of things they last, and we want our products to be a part of your life for years to come.