Workplace Intelligence
for Business Transformation

4th Annual Conference & Exhibition

Thursday, Sept 30, 2021

Rikli Balance Hotel, Bled, Slovenia

Workplace Intelligence
for Change and Success


Learn practical business lessons from successful business people.

Meet experts from WarnerMedia, SAP, Haltian, and more.


WDC21 was a great success. We had over 100 attendees, 10 sponsors and exhibitors, and a new media partner.

Workplace Design Conference is an experience-based, results-oriented, super practical event bringing together business leaders and professionals. They attend WDC to create more efficient workspaces for their companies. And more successful businesses.

A day full of questions and answers, challenges and solutions.  And best practice case studies from local and international workplace strategy projects.

Alenka Kragelj Eržen

Kragelj Architects, Slovenia


Workplace Design Conference is designed for Business Leaders, Workplace Strategists, HR Professionals, Facility Managers, Real Estate Professionals, Interior Architects, Designers and other key people who want to improve performance, collaboration, and talent retention in their organizations by matching design and technology with strategic vision and sound management.


Asif Sadiq, MBE

Senior Vice President, Head of Equity and Inclusion,
Warner Media, UK

Asif Sadiq is Senior Vice President at WarnerMedia, having previously held senior positions at Adidas, Telegraph Media Group, EY Financial Services and the City of London board. He is a member of the AICPA Board of Directors and a member of the Board of Advisors at Hedley May. In his 20-year career, he has worked in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.  At WDC21, Asif will present the concept of “inclusive workplace” and how it contributes to greater employee satisfaction and productivity on the examples of successful global companies.

Dr. Ken Dooley

Chief Strategy Officer for Empathic Building
Haltian, Finland

Dr. Ken Dooley is a Chief Strategy Officer at Haltian, a hugely successful high-tech spin-off from Nokia.  Ken is also a Postdoctoral Researcher in Smart Buildings at Aalto University.  He has 20 years of experience in the built environment and has worked in London, Sydney, Dublin, and now Helsinki.  At WDC21 he will explain an innovative concept of Empathic Buildings which focuses on employee performance, well-being, and happiness.  It’s a complete smart office solution that combines physical space, corporate culture, and technology.

Peter Baumann

Global Head of Real Estate & Facilities Projects
SAP, Switzerland

Peter Baumann is Head of Workplace and Projects in the Global Real Estate & Facilities department at SAP where he facilitates alignment of global project standards with local and regional plans.  You can expect to take a lot of sound advice from his presentation at WDC21.  Office Design with the people for the people. SAP as a technology leader wants to make sure the most precious asset, the employee, feels well at work. This is why Global Facility Management @SAP takes a people centric approach when it comes to office and environmental planning. 

Jacqueline Stuart

Founder & CEO
Slovenia Invest, Slovenia

Jacqueline Stuart is the founder and Director of Slovenia Invest, Hotelinvest International, and S-Consult. Her work encompasses sales and acquisitions of real estate assets, landlord and tenant representation, feasibility studies, valuations, and other advisory services.  She became a member of the RICS in July 2017 and is a registered valuer. Jacqueline holds the EPC card and is licensed and insured to work as a real estate agent and valuer all over Europe.  At the WDC21 conference, she will present her best advice on how to successfully conclude a corporate real estate project.

Dr. Nigel Oseland

WP Strategist & Change Manager
Workplace Unlimited, UK

Dr. Nigel Oseland is a workplace strategist, environmental psychologist, and change manager who understands the human experience, specifically what sort of behaviors can lead to greater engagement in the workplace, more ideas, and higher productivity. Nigel Oseland is a sought-after international speaker, and author of several papers and books, including “Improving Office Productivity – A Practical Guide for Business and Facilities Managers”.  He will be the chair of WDC21 conference and also conduct a break-out session Post Occupancy Evaluation: Measuring the success of the workplace.



Reception Opens / Morning Coffee


Main Stage

Welcome and Introduction to Day

Alenka Kragelj Eržen

9.30 - 10.20

Main Stage

WDC21 Keynote Speech
Creating truly inclusive and sustainable Workplaces

Asif Sadiq, MBE (live from London)

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In 2019, Leesman teamed up with Delos (founders of the WELL Building Institute) to create a specific set of questions to better understand how the workplace supports wellbeing and productivity of people working there. Having now collected over 100,000 responses on the topic, Leesman are in a unique position to interprete the findings. Kyle will show you how your workspaces support your employees and what you can do to improve this.


10.20 - 11.10

Main Stage

Supporting Business Leaders in Real-Estate Decisions

Jacqueline Stuart

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Best practice case studies of 2020 by Kragelj. Alenka will present strategies, execution, results and lessons learned for selected workplace projects; young, progresive companies such as Geneplanet, Adrial and Nexter and established corporations such as Zavarovalnica Triglav, A1 and BSH.


10.20 - 10.40

Breakout Session in Conference Room Voda

Your Workplace as a Brand

Workshop for marketing professionals

Barbara Babnik

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Best practice case studies of 2020 by Kragelj. Alenka will present strategies, execution, results and lessons learned for selected workplace projects; young, progresive companies such as Geneplanet, Adrial and Nexter and established corporations such as Zavarovalnica Triglav, A1 and BSH.



Coffee Break

11.15 - 11.30

Conference Room Voda

Decorative materials for interior and exterior design

Promotional presentation

RSN Media & Avery Dennison

11.30 - 12.20

Main Stage

People Centric Approach
for Workplace Planning

Peter Baumann  (live from Zurich)

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Best practice case studies of 2020 by Kragelj. Alenka will present strategies, execution, results and lessons learned for selected workplace projects; young, progresive companies such as Geneplanet, Adrial and Nexter and established corporations such as Zavarovalnica Triglav, A1 and BSH.


11.35 -12.05

Breakout Session in Conference Room Voda

Post Occupancy Evaluation:
Measuring the Success of the Workplace

Workshop for HR professionals

Dr. Nigel Oseland

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Best practice case studies of 2020 by Kragelj. Alenka will present strategies, execution, results and lessons learned for selected workplace projects; young, progresive companies such as Geneplanet, Adrial and Nexter and established corporations such as Zavarovalnica Triglav, A1 and BSH.



Lunch Break

12.45 - 13.00

Conference Room Voda

i.triglav and insurance digitalization

Promotional Presentation (in Slovene)

Zavarovalnica Triglav

13.05 - 14.00

Main Stage

Empathic Buildings:
How to Improve Employee Well-being and Performance

Dr. Ken Dooley

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Already a highly innovative business and one of the leading technology companies in the world, Merck has gone one step further and built an innovation center that boasts landmark architecture and a completely new operating system. Thomas Fundneider, a CEO of the company that has co-created the project, will tell the WDC audience how it all started, what were the goals, the challenges and creative solutions, and how the new building supports Merck, their employees and its business vision.


13.05 -13.25

Breakout Session in Conference Room Voda

Costs vs. Investment in Workplace Change Projects

Workshop for Finance professionals

Aljoša Merljak

13.35 - 13.50

Conference Room Voda

Smart lockers: Improving Safety, Hygiene, Work Efficiency and Wellbeing in Workplaces – Tips and Case Studies

Workshop for Business Leaders and Workplace Professionals - Promotional Presentation

Metra | smarter locker system


Main Stage

Expert Panel
Workplace Intelligence for Change & Success

 Jacqueline Stuart, Dr. Ken Dooley, Dr. Nigel Oseland

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We are currently in the most cataclysmic and disruptive decade in human history. And the speed of change is increasing. Workplaces will need to change, organizational culture will need to change, and most importantly, leaders will need to change. The solutions to many of the challenges you’ll be facing haven’t even been developed yet.

Join thought leader Randy Gage for a provocative and candid exploration on the challenges you will face ahead as you lead your teams and your organization. You will discover what the future of leadership is going to look like, how to best “see around the corner” to anticipate it, and how to prepare yourself to lead in this new reality. Pre-conference read: Bostjan Erzen interviews Randy Gage for Slovenia Times.

Randy Gage was brought to WDC20 with the support of




Closing remarks

Live Streaming only for Main Stage and Promotional Presentations.
Breakout Sessions for Marketing and Finance Professionals are in Slovene language.


Lake Bled, Slovenia

WDC20 Gallery








Feedback from past attendees

You could tell that people were eager to learn

“ Simply put, this was a GREAT conference! You could easily tell that people were eager to learn; a few hands were always up, taking photos of slides. Myself included. 🙂 There is nothing sweeter than “stealing” a little piece of inspiration. As far as I know, this was one of the first regional Workplace Design conferences, which is surprising when you think of the amount of time we spend in offices. Keep up the great work, and see you next year! “
Luka Milković
Business Manager Hungary & AdriaticsSteelcase

Excellent topics and speakers

“ I was very pleased with the conference topics and how the speakers presented them in a simple and practical way. I was also positively surprised that so many agile, high-performance workplaces have already been designed in Slovenia. Congratulations! Gantner works on similar projects internationally and I learned many new concepts that I will be able to apply in my work. “
Gorazd Golob
Business Development Manager, GANTNER Electronic GmbH

A perfect blend of practice and theory

“ The Workplace Design Conference was a perfect blend of practical examples and theoretical insights into workplace strategies and design. Through presentations, networking, and a lively panel discussion we learned about the importance of creating a work environment that fosters employee engagement and innovation. Which is really essential for any company’s success. “
dr. Katarina Katja Mihelič
Associate Professor, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics

I got a lot of great ideas

“ The link between psychology and physical spaces as explained to us by dr. Oseland was unknown to me, yet is completely logical. His presentations gave me a number of ideas on how to make our people at A1 feel better and more productive. A simple fact is that satisfaction with the work environment leads to more creativity and innovation. “
Ana Špec Brezovar
HR Expert, A1 Slovenija

We will definitely attend the next WDC 

“ At the Workplace Design conference, which I attended with my colleagues, we got lots of new ideas on how to improve our workspaces and make them user-friendlier. We are an international organization that conducts educational events in the field of public finance so it’s very important for us to provide a productive work and learning environment for our people and clients. We will definitely attend the conference next year. “
Cvetka Mozoli
Office Manager, Center of Excellence in Finance

Useful, thought-provoking presentations

“ Thank you very much for everything. The presentations were very useful and thought-provoking, and the organization of the conference was excellent. “
Peter Razpotnik
Finance Director, Loterija Slovenije d.d.

Thursday, September 30, 2021
Rikli Balance Hotel, Bled, Slovenia