6th Annual Conference & Exhibition


October 3rd, 2023

Brdo Congress Center, Slovenia

Atypical Business Conference

for Thought Leaders
and Curious Minds

WDC23 highlighted the very first phase of the workplace change project: research and planning. We gained insight from experts and explore best practice case studies to understand the vital role data is playing in the successful planning of any corporate real estate and workplace transformation project.

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WDC23 shines the spotlight on the very first phase of the workplace change project: research and planning. Gain insight from experts and explore best practice case studies to understand the vital role data is playing in the successful planning of any corporate real estate and workplace transformation project.

Workplace Design Conference is an experience-based, results-oriented, super practical event bringing together business leaders and professionals. They attend WDC to create more efficient workspaces for their companies. And more successful businesses. A day full of questions and answers, challenges and solutions. And best practice case studies from local and international workplace strategy projects.

Alenka Kragelj Eržen

FOUNDER & CEO Kragelj Architects, Slovenia

Workplace Design Conference is an experience-based, results-oriented, super practical event bringing together business leaders and professionals. They attend WDC to create more efficient workspaces for their companies. And more successful businesses.
It was a day full of questions and answers, challenges and solutions. And best practice case studies from local and international workplace strategy projects.

Alenka Kragelj Eržen
Kragelj Architects, Slovenia

7 years of tradition

26+ speakers

376+ attendees

410+ minutes of networking 

you'll meet...

Workplace Design Conference is, first and foremost, designed for Business Leaders, Company Executives and Entrepreneurs. You will meet many of your colleagues there, heads of SMB, SME and large enterprises.

WDC is also a must attend event for Workplace Strategists, HR Professionals, Facility Managers, Real Estate Professionals, Interior Architects, Designers and other key people who want to help improve performance, collaboration and talent retention in their organizations by matching workplace design and technology with strategic vision and sound management.

Kragelj-WDC2021-126 (1)
The WDC conference provided excellent opportunities for networking and all sessions were very informative. More importantly, we heard proven strategies of aligning the work environment with the needs of the people, with the new technologies and the overall vision of the organization.

Tomaž Šalamon

Banka Sparkasse d.d., Slovenia


WDC23 speakers

This year’s conference was centered around the initial phases of workplace projects, unleashing the power of research and planning.




Reception Opens / Morning Coffee


Main Stage


Alenka Kragelj Eržen, Kragelj Architects

CEO I Lead Architect

Introduction to WDC23 Day

Dr. Nigel Oseland, Workplace Unlimited

WP Strategiest I Change Manager


Main Stage

Working forward – Hard facts, soft skills

Peter Ippolito, Ippolito Fleitz Group

Co-Founder I Managing Partner

The past couple of years has reinvigorated our understanding of knowledge work, sparked discussions and highlighted opportunities. Today, working does not necessarily mean the office … and the office is not just a place of work, which, as we have learned, can be performed in multiple locations. Designing work environments today means engaging with processes to create changeable tools with strong identities that bring a company’s values and purpose to life and put place their users at the center.


Main Stage

Framing the possible

Kay Sargent, HOK

Senior Principal I Director of WorkPlace

The turbolent events during the last couple of years have given us an opportunity to rethink something we have taken for granted for decades – the way we work. We have a chance to rethink work, the places in which we do so and redefine the true purpose of what those spaces could and should be.
Attracting and retaining talent now hinges on an employer’s ability to meet the diverse needs of their employees while enabling their teams to do their best work, regardless of location. To be successful going forward, organizations must reposition the workplace as a destination that enhances how people work. We need to ensure organizations view the workspace as an asset, not a liability, and embrace the potential that can be created by providing high-performance workspace. To do so, we need to have a clear vision of what is possible and develop a workplace strategy based on each organization’s specific DNA, not rather than one based on mimicking what other companies are doing. And we need to adopt an inclusive and holistic approach by engaging employees in the process.
In this new ecosystem of hybrid spaces, the purpose of place becomes increasingly important, as does knowing how to get there. Now is the time to rethink what can be the way forward.

Kay Sargent, HOK




Main Stage

Do You Walk or Talk People Centric Change?

Jennifer Bryan, ABChange Consultancy
Managing Director of Leadership And Change
A McKinsey report states that in 1958, the lifespan of organizations on the S&P (Standard & Poor Index) was 60 years, now it is 12; and in 2027, 75% of organizations listed on S&P will no longer exist. This clearly illustrates the imperative for organizations to change and adapt or die.

The degree of complexity and uncertainty will continue to increase making leading change tricky and feel bewildering, particularly when faced with so many unknowns. The global pandemic has taught us the critical need to plan for change differently. Using a holistic leadership approach allows for the application of different lenses in the context of change, thus giving us flexibility in our leadership styles to adapt to changing environments. After all, we want our people and businesses to not simply survive but to thrive and grow.

In this session, we will be looking at how we can navigate a new landscape, define the next futures for organizations, work, and the workplace, and lead our people through this change. Foresight and leadership frameworks will be introduced to ensure the organization’s “greatest asset” is paid proper attention by marrying the personal and change task together.


Main Stage

Breaking the mold: How changing leadership mindsets at an early stage can drive change

Gerda Stelpstra, Cushman & Wakefield
Partner | Total Workplace Lead Office Consultancy
Are you struggling to get initiatives to transform your office environment off the ground? Are you experiencing resistance or a lack of engagement from employees during the process? You’re not alone. Despite the proven success of executive sponsorship as the number one factor in successful change, change management is often overlooked in office change projects. In this presentation, we will delve into the impact of bad or no change management and explain why it’s a critical piece of the puzzle for successful transformation. We’ll share practical examples of what business leaders can do to drive change, and the role they play in ensuring success. We showcase a client case study that highlights the dos and don’ts of change management. Learn from their experience as we explore what worked and what didn’t. Gain insights on how to better approach change management in your own office environment transformation initiatives. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical advice on how to make your office environment transformation a success. Join us for a thought-provoking and engaging presentation that will leave you inspired and equipped to tackle change management head-on.


Main Stage

Prepare well for your workplace design project – Create spaces that work for all

Muriel Altunaga Aguirre, The Flow
Independent Consultant

The power of an office design as a magnet to attract employees and users to the space has been well established. The place of work as an enabler for more dynamic, collaborative ways of working as well as a showcase of the company’s brand and ethos is aspirational for many organizations.

Workplace strategist and speaker Muriel Altunaga will take us on an exciting journey. From the turning moment, when corporate requirements trigger a need for new office space to reaching a go-ahead of a design proposal. The project’s success depends on a holistic understanding of the new office requirements and agreements on the base concepts and the project’s vision. 

Muriel’s presentation will focus on practical aspects of the initial brief, emphasising stakeholder and user engagement as well as the importance of basing all organizational changes and design solutions on solid data and facts. 


Lunch and networking


Parallel Stage

Mastermind Session with Speakers (Premium)


Main Stage​

Understanding the Uncertainty of Work

George Edward Muir, EverythingOmni


Main Stage

Practical Guide to POE

Dr. Nigel Oseland, Workplace Unlimited
Workplace strategist, change manager


Main Stage

Panel with WDC23 Speakers

Moderated by Dr. Nigel Oseland


Main Stage

Closing Words

Alenka Kragelj Eržen


Main Hall

After event networking



Check out photo gallery to see the highlights of our past event. We’re excited to welcome you to next year’s conference and create more memorable moments together.


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WHO inspired us in PREVIOUS years 

Previous WDC Speakers

Kirk Vallis

Global Head of Creativity Development Google, USA

Alex Pinter

Strategic Innovation & Growth Lead
Accenture, Austria

Ruben Van Eijk

Head of Creative Shop CEE Meta, USA

Asif Sadiq, MBE

Senior Vice President, Head of Equity and Inclusion,
Warner Media, UK

Michal Matlon

Place & Architecture Psychologist
theLivingCore, Austria

Dr. Ken Dooley

Chief Strategy Officer for Empathic Building
Haltian, Finland

Peter Baumann

Global Head of Real Estate & Facilities Projects
SAP, Switzerland

Randy Gage

Author & Speaker RandyGage.com, USA

Dr. Nigel Oseland

WP Strategist & Change Manager
Workplace Unlimited, UK

Thomas Fundneider

Founder & CEO
theLivingCore, Austria

Alenka Kragelj Eržen

Lead Architect and CEO
Kragelj Architects, Slovenia

Monika Ivanović

Head of Employer Branding
Infobip, Croatia

Tatjana Milnović

Global Brand Strategist
Infobip, Croatia

Roko Malkoč

Product Director
Better, Slovenia

Božidarka Radović

Product Lead
Better, Slovenia




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Peter Ippolito

Co-founder and Managing partner
Ippolito fleitz group

Peter Ippolito studied architecture in Stuttgart and Chicago. During this period he was an assistant to Prof. Ben Nicholson (Chicago) and collected valuable practical experience in the studio of Daniel Libeskind (Berlin). He set up the Ippolito Fleitz Group together with Gunter Fleitz in 2002. And in 2015 Peter Ippolito and Gunter Fleitz were the first German interior designers to be admitted to Interior Design magazine’s prestigious ›Hall of Fame‹. In addition to his creative work, Peter Ippolito has held various teaching positions and is in keen demand as a speaker and on competition judging panels. Peter Ippolito is a member of the German Designers Club (Deutscher Designer Club).

Kay Sargent, HOK


Kay Sargent

Senior Principal, Director of WorkPlace

With 38 years of experience, Kay is a recognized expert on workplace design and strategy issues and an award-winning designer. Kay is Global Co-Director of HOK’s WorkPlace team and sits on HOK’s Board of Directors. In 2020 she was named ASID’s Designer of Distinction. In 2021 she was selected from her field of peers to provide Congressional Subject Matter Expert Testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives on “Federal Real Estate Post-COVID-19: A View from The Private Sector.” Kay also serves on the GSA Diversity taskforce and is an advisor for the HOK Diversity Advisory Council.


George Edward Muir

Co-Founder of EverythingOmni

George is the Co-Founder of EverythingOmni, a global advisory, advocacy, and thought leadership group formed to make sense of the noise surrounding how to cope with a rapidly changing economic and business landscape.

George has been learning and developing his expertise through an extensive 27-year journey within IKEA and running his company, Udal Cuain AB.

He is a renowned Futurist, responsible for igniting ideas, discussing the practical applications of the digital revolution of business, and how Ethics, Communities, and artificial intelligence will impact our professional lives.

George helped establish IKEA’s retail business in Eastern Europe, China, and Russia. He also founded the company’s original digital DNA by developing its digital architecture. His work there also extended to business process and people and culture (HR), before leading the program to ‘visualize the future IKEA workplace.

Post-IKEA, George has built both the business and people strategy for a future ‘unicorn’ in the USA and Australia. He also holds talks and workshops worldwide on various topics encompassing the future of work and banking, ethical issues of AI, and workplace wellbeing.

For George, simplicity is a virtue, and his main focus is taking a complex problem and providing a clear, simple solution.


Gerda Stelpstra

Partner | Total Workplace Lead Office Consultancy
Cushman & Wakefield, The Netherlands

As an anthropologist, Gerda brings a unique perspective to the corporate real estate sector, with a strong focus on people and organizations. She is known for being a thought-provoker, encouraging people to consider topics from different angles. Her expertise as a strategist is grounded in anthropological principles, which she uses to guide organizations in their workplace development. By taking a holistic approach, she examines the system, rituals, and behaviors that influence trends, providing valuable insights into workplace-related transformation. With her extensive experience in the real estate sector, Gerda is a knowledgeable guide in corporate real estate and a go-to expert for organizations seeking to optimize their workplaces.


Jennifer Bryan

Managing Director of Leadership and Change
ABChange Consultancy, UK

Jennifer Bryan is a published author, TEDx and global speaker and Managing Director of Change and Leadership, who has worked with over 40 different organisations across multiple industries, such as Microsoft, Fujitsu and Technicolor Creative Studios. She is also Vice President of the Association of Change Management Professionals UK. She has a passion for putting people at the heart of the decision-making room. She has developed a holistic approach to change and created a unique leading change framework, the ABChange Model, and uses her commercial insight to help lead people in change.

Jennifer is author of Leading People in Change – A practical guide (Feb 2021), contributing chapter author in Managing Change During Unprecedented Times (May 2023), book review on Elemental Change: Making stuff happen when nothing stands still by Neil Usher in Corporate Real Estate Journal vol. 11.1, regular writer of industry journal articles in Workplace Insight Magazine and AshleyKate HR News, peer-reviewed articles Successfully Managing Change in the Workplace in Corporate Real Estate Journal vol. 8.1 (Oct 2018), Journey of Leadership in the Workplace in iCroner (Sept 2014) and Lead Behaviour in Coaching at Work (Jul 2012).


Muriel Altunaga Aguirre

Independent Consultant
The Flow

Muriel Altunaga has spent the last 20 years working as a designer, workplace strategist, and change manager. She has delivered projects for many organizations, spanning different sectors, geographies, and scales. Over the years she worked in design practices, real estate companies, such as CBRE, and on clients’ side. This experience gave her a well-rounded understanding of the building cycle. Muriel is passionate about human-centred design and how the built space shapes people’s behaviour. She enjoys providing integrated services and approaches office design holistically. Muriel excels at one of the toughest challenges of workplace change projects — combining an in-deep understanding of the user’s and businesses’ needs with technical knowledge of the constraints of the building and the sustainability objectives. As a trained architect, Muriel has led teams to deliver multiple services, from defining strategy for a single intervention to creating global workplace standards, roll-out global transformation, or defining real estate strategies. Muriel Altunaga is a regular speaker in sector-related events, debates, and professional panels.


dr. Nigel Oseland

WP Strategist & Change Manager
Workplace Unlimited, UK

Dr. Nigel Oseland is a workplace strategist, environmental psychologist, and change manager who understands the human experience, specifically what sort of behaviors can lead to greater engagement in the workplace, more ideas, and higher productivity. 

Nigel Oseland is a sought-after international speaker, and author of several papers and books, including “Improving Office Productivity – A Practical Guide for Business and Facilities Managers”. 


Alenka Kragelj Eržen


Alenka Kragelj Erzen is an architect, workplace strategist, designer and project leader with 15 years of experience on projects for corporate clients. She is also a coach, change manager and workshop facilitator helping organizations and their people transition to new, more efficient ways of working. Alenka successfully managed extensive research, workplace design and office relocation projects for clients such as A1 and VIP Mobil (members of Telekom Austria Group), Outfit7, Grey Worldwide, Krka, Prva Group, Triglav Insurance Group, Medis, DARS, Unicredit, Sberbank and others.

She passionately advocates for the idea of putting people in the center of workplace design. Alenka speaks at industry events, and has authored numerous articles on architecture, interior design and workplace design strategies.