Ambitiously named after the highest mountain in Slovenia, the company was established in 1900 as the first insurance company founded with Slovene capital. The Group has grown to become the market leader in Slovenia and Adria region. Our ambition resonates in both our core businesses: Insurance and Asset management.

In Zavarovalnica Triglav we are building a safer future for all our customers with simple and reliable solutions and services. We are providing outstanding value for our clients with advanced digital solutions and assistance services we are problem solvers – wherever and whenever clients need us.

In the covid-19 pandemic, we recognized digitalization as an important component of our business – both in terms of better understanding of customer needs and accessibility of services, as well as strengthening the efficiency of our business. We want to offer comprehensive and, above all, simple solutions, while striving for an omni-channel comprehensive sales approach.

Last year we supported our key processes at Zavarovalnica Triglav with solutions that enable signing of documents remotely, by sending them via digital channels, via online reasoning, online claims reporting and via the i.triglav digital platform. An important additional step was the introduction of video identification of customers, which is required by law to take out certain life insurance policies. It satisfies us that the customers welcomed all the offered solutions, which was also reflected in the measured increase of customer satisfaction.

With sustainable environmental, social and corporate governance we support projects that have an impact on society. Therefore, we delightfully support an event like Workplace Design Conference.

Because when reaching to the top you must always push the bar higher and try harder.